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A dental implant replaces the upper lateral tooth. Bone grafting was perfromed in order to achieve better gum architecture and better secure the implant. The bone atrophied since the tooth had been missing for a long time.

Before After

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A failing baby tooth can easily be replaced by a dental implant without disturbing the adjacent teeth. The deciduous or (baby) tooth was removed and the dental implant was placed the same day. Once things heal a permanent restoration will be fabricated.

implant_bef3.jpg implant_aft3.jpg

This patient injured the front teeth from a fall . The front three teeth were repaired with veneers that required minimal removal of the natural teeth.

Mr_Corgey_pre_op.jpg post_op_crown_lengthening_Corgey.jpg Post_crowns_Corgey.jpg

This patient, seen above, was severely wearing and grinding his teeth. His treatment first required making the teeth longer. This is known as crown lengthening. Once the gums had healed the teeth could be built back to their original length.

cimo_image2.jpg cimo_image-after.jpg

This tooth broke and was removed. On the day of the tooth removal, a dental implant was placed along with grafting material.

After about 3 months of healing we were able to fabricate the new tooth.

cimo_image1.jpg cimo_image1.jpg cimo_image1.jpg

This patient was missing a lateral front tooth and wanted it replaced with a dental implant.   The central tooth required a new crown as well.

Before After

smile_bef30.png smile_aft30.png

Occasionally stretchy gum tissue around teeth or dental implants can compromise it.  In this case a minor gum graft procedure was performed in order to change the tissue to a thicker and stronger tissue type in order better protect the dental implant.

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